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I’m in the information technology field, and have worked for a large corporation, government agencies, and volunteered to help with IT support of the hurricane Katrina recovery effort on the gulf coast of Mississippi. I began working with computers when I was about 4 years old when my sister started teaching me to program in BASIC on a Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer. I continued to tinker and program on various platforms and later entered college to pursue a degree in computer science. Sidelined by a desire to repair and design electronics I changed majors and ended up with a degree in electronics instead. After meeting a very influential teacher at that college I also got a degree in instrumentation and automated manufacturing. All three of these degrees would provide me with both hands on hardware and software experience that would challenge me to be creative and think outside the box. Having already programmed at a young age and the fact that the three degrees included their own programming I decided to study programming also. Being thirsty for knowledge I signed up for networking classes to expand my knowledge in that area as well. In the wake of 9/11/2001 when I graduated, jobs in the IT field in my area where hard to find and I was force to try running my own IT company. After 4 years of small time projects and supporting home users I was offered a chance to volunteer my time to help a major contractor for FEMA with IT field support in southern Mississippi after hurricane Katrina destroyed the area. This proved to be a very stressful and and challenging job as conditions and network availability were not conducive for easy work-flow. This would be the best education I would receive to date and greatly helped to strengthen my IT skills. After ending the contract, I would be offered a job in IT at one of the local counties I had worked in during the recovery effort. These and other events in my life have given me the knowledge to be the flexible IT professional I am today. Always being fascinated with technology and science of all kinds I have now begun thinking about writing on technology. Although I have no writing experience, I feel the need to express my opinions and share them with people. As a result I have started writing a book.


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