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Time Moves On for Technology.

As time passes us by so does technology. The way we work with technology is ever changing as we demand more from it then we have in the past. Our cell phones are now much more then just two way radios designed to keep us in touch with other people. Reliance on data transmissions (text, internet, music, movies, etc.) have shifted how we think of our phones. This shift in dependence on our phones for more then just voice calls leads me to examine the future of information technology. The more we put on our phones the less we need on our computers. Don’t get me wrong, there are certainly some things you simply can’t do with phones, but with so much you can do with them it leaves us with the question of how important desktops will be in the near future. Certainly laptops will continue to thrive for some time, but desktop sales are already beginning to slump. Part of this is due to the economy taking a downward turn, but the fact that laptop sales remain strong tells us that full sized desktops are becoming less important to consumers. Also with netbooks coming out and offering a cheaper solution to basic word processing and internet surfing, even laptops may soon see stronger competition. I may be bold for saying so, and I don’t necessarily agree that it should be this way, but I predict that desktops are on their way out. I think they will be limited mostly to workstations that require the power and screen size to perform graphics and engineering work and toys for the power users. Laptops will replace them for the mainstream computer used by most users until the netbook idea takes a firm hold. For those that simply don’t need much in the way of computers other then checking email and looking up simple info on the net, smartphones will lead the way. Cell phones are taking over our technology. They are the new Swiss Army Knifes.


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